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If you are looking for JMeter and Plugins docker file, please refer this repository.

Windows Docker Container for Apache JMeter

This repo helps you to run Apache JMeter in your Windows container. It uses the JMeter on Windows Server Core with OpenJDK.


If you want to build this image, download this repo and use the below command in docker.

docker build --build-arg JMETER_VERSION=5.2.1 -t jmeter-windows .

How to run JMeter on Windows Container?

First you need to install Docker for Windows. You can use your laptop with Windows 10 Pro or spin up an AWS EC2 instance under free tier. Second, you need compatible Windows version as your base OS. If there is a conflict, you may not be able to run it.

Use docker pull qainsights/windows-docker-jmeter command to pull the image. This will pull the image from Docker Hub.

Use docker run qainsights/windows-docker-jmeter command to run JMeter inside the container. Below is the sample command which executes the sample JMeter test plan located in the examples folder.

docker run qainsights/windows-docker-jmeter -n -t .\examples\CSVSample.jmx -l Run1.jtl

To run in interactive mode, use the below command.

docker run -it qainsights/windows-docker-jmeter -n -t .\examples\CSVSample.jmx -l Run1.jtl

To remove the container once the execution is completed, use the below command.

docker run -rm qainsights/windows-docker-jmeter -n -t .\examples\CSVSample.jmx -l Run1.jtl

If you want to mount your host machine, you can use the below sample command.

docker run -it -v C:\apache-jmeter-5.2.1\bin\examples:C:\apache-jmeter-5.2.1\apache-jmeter-5.2.1\bin\examples qainsights/windows-docker-jmeter -n -t .\examples\CSVSample.jmx -l .\examples\Run1Log.jtl

You can keep your JMeter files in your host machine and pass it to the container for execution. Once the execution is done, you can view the log/jtl files in your host machine.

Important Notes:

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